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Movers & Shakers…

Movers & Shakers have been stealing Jokes all over Toontown! As if the ongoing Sellbot invasions weren’t bad enough, now Toons’ favorite comedy commodity – their Jokes – are going missing everywhere. The recently discovered Cog memo from the VP told the Sellbots if they “distinguish themselves” in the invasions, they’ll be “rewarded.” Does this mean the Movers & Shakers are going to get something from their boss? What will it be? And more importantly, how can Toons get those Jokes back?

UPDATE: The Sellbot invasions are over, and as this Toon Resistance photo shows, the VP has chosen the Movers & Shakers to be awarded… what? We can’t quite see exactly, but for stealing Toon jokes during the Sellbot invasions, the Movers & Shakers clearly distinguished themselves in the glaring eyes of their boss.

UPDATE: The Movers & Shakers have been awarded their own building! For stealing jokes from the Toons, the Sellbot VP gave the Movers & Shakers a “Field Office,” which if the Sellbot HQ is the “Main Office,” must mean it’s a building for spreading Cog nastiness even further afield. Initial reports state these Field Offices have two levels – a “Mover Maze” and an “Executive Suite,” but the big news is what else they contain – our stolen jokes! It’s no laughing matter – we need those back! Have you seen one yet?

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that some of the Toons being rescued from Mover & Shaker Field Offices aren’t even the shopkeepers of the building, they’re innocent bystander Toons! This has consistently been the case with buildings that are taken over but have no regular shopkeeper to throw behind bars.

So be careful walking the streets out there. We’re talking to YOU, Lemmy Owte! (Isn’t that name kind of asking for trouble?)

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This post will be about the “Trolley Games”…


Toons on the Trolley

Travel the Trolley to a mini-game paradise and earn jellybeans galore! The difficulty level of the Trolley games varies in the different neighborhoods, but the potential to earn more jellybeans increases. These are the games you’ll find on the Trolley:

Maze Game…

Maze Game

Race around the maze and collect as many treasures as you can before time runs out. If you run into a Cog, he’ll bounce you to another part of the maze and you’ll lose valuable time, so make sure you steer clear. As the number of Toons entering the Maze game increases, the maze will get bigger, and will be filled with more Cogs. A four-player maze is the greatest challenge and the most fun.

It’s possible for advanced players to benefit from getting hit by a Cog. If you’re in an area of the maze that’s already cleared out, you can gamble that a Cog will bounce you to a better location that’s not yet cleared.

Maze Game Chart

Cannon Game…

Cannon Game

Land your Toon inside the water tower as fast as you can. The less time you take, the more jellybeans you’ll earn. The cannon game is cooperative, so if you’re playing with other Toons and one Toon lands inside the water tower, everyone wins! Use the on-screen controls with your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard to aim the cannon. To shoot your Toon from the cannon, press the red FIRE button with your mouse or hit CTRL.

Cannon Game Chart

Ring Game…

Ring Game

Swim through as many of the 16 rings as you can. The more rings you get through — the more jellybeans you win. When you’re playing the Ring game with other Toons, look at the ring icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. This tells you what color rings your Toon needs to swim through. When all Toons swim through their rings in the same set, all Toons get a group jellybean bonus at the end of the game.

Ring Game Chart

Match Minnie…

Match Minnie Game

Use ARROWS on-screen to match Minnie’s dance moves in a series of four rounds. The ARROWS on your keyboard work as well. The more moves you match, the more jellybeans you win. The Toon who matches Minnie’s moves the fastest in any round gets bonus jellybeans at the end of the game.

Match Minnie Game Chart

Toon Tag…

Toon Tag Game

One Toon starts the game as “it,” while the rest of the Toons race to collect ice-cream cones. Each ice-cream cone is worth jellybeans, so try to collect as many as you can before you get tagged! If your Toon is tagged, just tag another Toon to make them “it” and start collecting ice-cream cones again.

Toon Tag Game Chart

Race Game…

Race Game

Choose a number shown on one of the dice in the bottom left corner of the screen to move along across the board. If another Toon chooses the same number, neither Toon moves. Certain spaces on the board draw special cards when a Toon lands on them. Sometimes the cards are good news for you (you win extra jellybeans), sometimes they are not-so-good news (back three spaces). Think carefully before choosing a number that might put you on a card: it’s always a gamble! The first Toon to reach the finish line wins the race game, and gets extra jellybeans.

Race Game Chart

Tug of War…

Tug of War Game

Tap the RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS alternately to keep the green meter at the same level as the red marker in the power meter. If you do this, you drag the Cog toward the water. If you don’t, the Cog drags you! When you’re playing with other Toons, everyone wins the same number of jellybeans as everyone else on that team at the end of the game, based on how well the team did.

Tug of War Game Chart

Catching Game…

Catching Game

Catch the fruit to earn jellybeans. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to aim for the shadows of the falling fruit. Beware of Cogs that get in your way. Toons in the trees will try to help by launching anvils at the Cogs, but make sure to not get hit! Anvils fall faster than the fruit so their shadows get bigger more quickly.

Catching Game Chart

Toon Slingshot Game…

Slingshot Game

Tap the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys alternately to get your Toon into position and stop tapping them to launch yourself into the Toonisphere. Press the DOWN ARROW key to open your umbrella and float down onto the targets on the ground to earn points. Your best point score out of three attempts earns you jellybeans. Make sure to keep steering your Toon with the arrow keys after you’ve opened your umbrella for that perfect landing!

Slingshot Game Chart

Jungle Vines…

Jungle Vines Game

Swing across the jungle in the shortest amount of time to earn jellybeans. Use the RIGHT ARROW key to swing to the next vine and the LEFT ARROW to swing back to the previous vine. Use the UP and DOWN ARROWS to climb or descend a vine. Dodge the flying bats and climbing spiders to avoid being knocked off your vine. Grab bananas to earn extra jellybeans! When swinging with other Toons, the first Toon to grab a banana gets it.

Jungle Games Chart

Treasure Dive…

Treasure Dive Game

Recover the sunken treasure while avoiding the passing fish and return it to the surface to earn jellybeans. The more sunken treasure you recover, the more jellybeans you earn. Use the UP ARROW key to move your Toon towards the direction he or she is pointed. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to turn your Toon towards the bottom of the ocean and use the UP ARROW to dive deeper.

When playing with other Toons, the Toon who recovers the sunken treasure will earn 25% of the jellybean award, with the remaining 75% being divided equally among all Toons participating. Toons can help each other by working together to block the fish from hitting the Toon recovering the treasure chest.

Treasure Dive Game Chart

Toon Memory…

Toon Memory Game

Concentrate on finding the most matching cards before the timer runs out to earn jellybeans. Use the ARROW keys to move around and the DELETE key to uncover cards. Get a match while the bonus light is on your card and earn bonus jellybeans! Get a perfect score by matching all of the cards before the timer runs out and receive a big jellybean bonus! When playing with other Toons, each Toon can only flip over one card at a time so you must work together to find matches.

Toon Memory Game Chart

Ice Slide…

Ice Slide Game

Have a toboggan-good time with this Trolley Game! Try to get your Toon to the center of the ice by the end of the second round. Use the ARROW keys to choose your direction and force. Press the CTRL key to launch your Toon. Points are earned based upon your distance from the center, and then converted into jellybeans at the end of the third match. Bump the jellybean barrels for extra points, and watch out for the dynamite barrels in higher level neighborhoods!

Toon Tip: Use the stacks of tires for an added bounce!

Ice Slide Game Chart

Photo Fun…

Photo Fun Game

Become a Toon Shutterbug by matching your Toon subjects with the sample pictures. Aim the camera with the mouse, and LEFT click to take a picture. Use the ARROW keys to rotate your view, and press the CTRL key to zoom the camera in and out. Improve your score by matching the Toon action as close as possible — get a five-star shot by capturing an exact match! The game ends when the timer runs out, or when all players are out of film. Points are converted into jellybeans at the end of the game. Get a Team Score bonus when playing with other Toons!

Photo Fun Game Chart

Toon Escape…

Toon Escape Game

Your mission for this wacky side-scrolling game is to escape the Cog den before the timer runs out. Use the ARROW keys to move, and the UP ARROW key to jump. Press the CTRL key to use your squirt gag. Collect Cog coins to earn bonus points. Earn more points by escaping before the timer runs out. Watch out for obstacles, which will reduce your points. Bust up the patrolling Cogs with your squirt gag!

Toon Escape Game Chart

Cog Thief…

Cog Thief Game

The Cogs are trying to steal our supply of gags! Protect the gag barrels while fending off the Cogs before the timer runs out. Use the ARRROW keys to move and aim, use the CTRL key to throw a pie. The longer you keep the gag barrels safe, the more jellybeans you will earn!

Toon Tip: Aim diagonally to get those hard to reach Cogs.

Cog Thief Game Chart

Trolley Tracks…

Trolley Tracks Game

Every Thursday, Toontown plays host to the Trolley Tracks game. Toons in groups of two or more riding the Trolley in any neighborhood can cast votes to determine the Trolley’s next stop — if your stop is selected, you earn bonus jellybeans!

Each Trolley Tracks game consists of six total rounds, three for voting and three for Trolley games. Each voting round completes with the Trolley stopping at the Trolley game which received the most votes for that round. Toons can use their votes with the goal of steering the Trolley towards their designated Trolley game destination — which is identified with a jellybean award they will earn if successful. Unused votes will be converted into jellybeans at the end of all six rounds — but you will earn a lot more by successfully steering the Trolley towards your destination Trolley game. After each Trolley game is played, earned jellybeans will be converted into more votes for use on the next voting round. Jellybean bonuses will be awarded at the end of each voting session so … don’t get outvoted by other Toons!

At the end of all six rounds, unused votes will be multiplied to determine the total number of jellybeans earned for that Trolley Tracks game session. The size of the multiplier and number of bonus jellybeans earned for each voting round is determined by the number of Toons playing in each Trolley Tracks game session.

-Jvjanke (Blogger)

(Some of the words and photos are from http://toontown.go.com/help/players-guide/activities)



As I said in my last post, this post will go more in-depth on “Fishing”, “Karting”, “Gardening” and “Mini Golf”…


Is your Toon in need of a break from dropping safes on unsuspecting Robber Barons? Maybe you need a Laff boost or need to earn some jellybeans? Time to head for one of Toontown’s ponds to do some fishing!


Every Toon starts with a Twig fishing rod. Your Toon can catch a lot of fish with it, but Toontown’s heavier fish can only be caught by stronger rods. Purchase better rods to catch bigger fish, and help attract rare fish. New rods can be purchased from Clarabelle’s Cattlelog.

How to Fish…

When your Toon is ready to go fishing, just step up to any unoccupied pier at any pond. There are ponds in every playground and on every street, as well as a pond at your Toon’s Estate. Your Toon will be using Jellybeans as bait, so make sure you have a few beans in your jar before you begin.

When you step up to the pier, your Toon will get in position to cast his line. Watch the shadows in the water – these are fish just waiting to be caught. Click and hold down the red CAST button in the center of the screen. With the button down, move your mouse to determine where you want to drop your fishing line. When you’re ready, release the CAST button. If you’re successful, you will catch a fish! If not, keep trying.

Your Toon has a bucket that can hold up to 20 fish at a time. When your bucket is full, take it to the nearest Pet Shop Clerk or a nearby Fisherman. They’ll be happy to take your fish – and pay you for your hard work in Jellybeans!


Check the fishing page in your Shticker Book to see what varieties of fish you’ve caught, the fish you have in your bucket, and what type of fishing rod you have. You can also view all your fishing trophies here. Fishing can be a challenge at first, but it is really worth the investment and is one of the best ways to earn jellybeans.


The Toon Department of Fish and Wildlife has put together this field guide to help you find all of Toontown’s fish. Remember, each family of fish has some varieties that are easy to catch and some that are harder. Some fish are heavy – that means they can only be caught with the biggest rods.


For advanced Toons only: Look for an ultra-rare Bear Acuda on Walrus Way and a seldom-seen Piano Tuna on Tenor Terrace.


When you’ve caught 10 new species of fish, you’ll earn your first fishing trophy – and a one-point Laff boost! For every additional 10 new species you catch, you earn another trophy and Laff boost. This means you’ll be able to increase your Toon’s Laff limit by seven Laff points by catching all of Toontown’s fish.

Bingo Wednesday…


Every Wednesday is Bingo night at the ponds! Toons at each pond work together to fill out the Bingo card before the clock runs out to win jellybeans. There are four different Bingo cards: Classic, Diagonals, Three Way, or Four Corners. Every hour on the hour, there is a special Super Blockout card. The Super Blockout card is played not only against the clock, but against all of the other ponds in that district. Each Super Blockout starts with a 1000 jellybean jackpot. Every Super Blockout that ends without a winner will increase the jackpot by 100 jellybeans (up to 10,000 jellybeans).

Walk up to any available pier between the hours of noon and 9 p.m. Toontown Time (Pacific Time), to participate. Play on any street or playground or invite friends over to your Estate. During Bingo hours you will be able to sell fish at your Estate.

Toon Tip: Remember to empty your bucket at a Pet Shop or with one of the FisherToons at the ponds before you play!


Goofy Speedway…


Located on the west side of Toontown is Goofy Speedway – where Toons show off their hot rods and turbo-boost their Laff limit! Goofy Speedway is accessed from a tunnel in the Toontown Central Playground. When you first arrive, make sure to visit one of the helpful mechanics at Goofy’s Auto Shop to get started.

Tickets are required to purchase karts and accessories at Goofy’s Auto Shop and are required as deposits to race in Toon Battles. Each Toon starts with 200 tickets to buy a starter kart. More tickets can be earned by racing either Practice races or Toon Battles. Practice races do not require a deposit.

In Toon Battles, when you finish a race and meet the qualifying time, your deposit is refunded. More tickets are earned by finishing in a higher place. You can also win bonus tickets by beating track records.

Your Kart…


Accessorize one of three kart models: Roadster, Toon Utility Vehicle, or Cruiser. You can accessorize with: paint, decals, rims, hood ornaments, spoilers, and more — all available for purchase with tickets in Goofy’s Auto Shop. Each Toon starts with 200 complimentary tickets to purchase a starter kart and basic accessories. Grease monkeys at the counter are on hand to help with your kart and accessory selection. Flaunt your stylin’ ride and show off to your fellow Toons on display platforms located outside of Goofy’s Auto Shop. Just walk up to them, and you will be prompted to park your kart.

Toon Tip: A special page in the Shticker book allows you to customize your kart, view personal records on each track, and display trophies.

How to Race…

Once your kart has been purchased, you are ready to face off against your friends and earn the fastest time on Goofy Speedway’s tracks: City Circuit, Blizzard Boulevard, Screwball Stadium, Corkscrew Coliseum, Rustic Raceway, and Airbourne Acres.


Each track can be raced either forward or in reverse and each track has a practice and race mode. Practice races are a great way to familiarize yourself with the curves and nuances of each track. The starting blocks on the left side of each track entrance are designated as a practice area. The best part: practice races don’t require a deposit and you earn 20 tickets with each completed race!

Control your kart by using the ARROW keys, which allow you to brake, accelerate, and move left and right.


Once you are confident with the feel of the track, move over to a battle mode starting block and experience a bona fide race. In battle mode races, surprise gift boxes are scattered around the track and can be used to foil your opponents with anvils, banana peels, pies, and turbo-boosts. CTRL will release your current gift.

Toon Tip: Drop a banana peel in front of a turbo-boost to slow down your opponent.

Toon Tip: If you are in the lead, don’t waste your anvil! Anvils always fall on the Toon in first place who hasn’t already had an anvil dropped on them.


Check out the daily scores, weekly scores, and the all-time best scores from each track on the leaderboard outside of the track entrances.


Racing is not only fun, but can also give you a Laff boost! Toons can earn up to 30 different arting trophies – earn them all and receive a +3 point boost to your Laff limit – +1 for each set of 10 trophies! You can keep track of your progress in the Karting section of your Shticker Book.


Spruce up your Toon’s Estate with a variety of gardening features – including flowers, gag trees, and statues – and earn Laff Points too!

How to Garden…

You start by purchasing a Gardening Kit from Clarabelle’s Cattlelog. When it arrives, you may begin planting different jellybean color combinations to grow flowers in designated areas outside your Estate, then water and watch them grow! It will take a day for a flower to fully bloom. Once it has, pick and sell it for jellybeans at the wheelbarrow located on your Estate.

The more you garden, the greater the variety of flowers you can plant. There are a total of 40 flower species — including a variety of daisies, tulips, carnations, lilies, pansies, petunias, roses, and daffodils. For every 10-flower species that you successfully grow, pick, and sell, you will earn one gardening trophy and a +1 boost to your overall Laff Point level. You can earn a total possible boost of +4 from gardening.

When you pick flowers or water items in your garden, you earn skill points towards new gardening tools. The Gardening Kit starts with a Tin Shovel and Small Watering Can. As you gain more skill, you’ll be able to plant more jellybeans, use more water, and purchase higher level tools. With your new tools, you’ll be able plant still more jellybeans at one time, unlocking flower breeds and statues.

Once you’ve attained a higher skill level, you no longer earn points by picking a lower level flower. In other words, once you’ve earned the ability to plant two jellybeans, you no longer get skill points for picking flowers grown from one jellybean. However, you may still need to plant flowers using only one jellybean to achieve your Laff Point boost.


(What it will look like… Type ~ Action ~ Cumulative Skill Level)

Tin ~ Plants 1 or 2 beans ~ 0 – 79

Bronze ~ Plants 3 or 4 beans ~ 80 – 239

Silver ~ Plants 5 or 6 beans ~ 240-559

Gold ~ Plants 7 or 8 beans ~ 560+

Water Cans

(What it will look like… Type ~ Action ~ Cumulative Skill Level)

Small ~ Enough water for 1 or 2 days ~ 0 – 99

Medium ~ Enough water for 3 or 4 days ~ 100 – 299

Large ~ Enough water for 5 or 6 days ~ 300 – 699

Hugh ~ Enough water 7 or 8 days ~ 700+

You can water items multiple times to keep them watered longer. For example, when you first start gardening, you may use your Small Watering Can four times to provide four days of water.

Gag Trees…


Running low on cream pies? Plant up to eight gag trees in designated areas around your Toon’s Estate and harvest them to replenish your gag supply. You can pick gags from trees once a day!

Trees must be planted in order of the gag level on each gag track. In other words, you’ll need to plant a Squirting Flower tree (Gag Level 1) before you can plant a Glass of Water tree (Gag Level 2). Trees take longer to grow than flowers, and each higher level gag tree takes longer to grow than the previous one.

Once a tree is fully grown, you’ll be able to pick gags from it. You also receive a damage boost in battle every time you use that specific gag, whether you picked it from the tree or bought it from the Gag Shop. Make sure you keep the tree healthy. You’ll lose the damage boost if the tree needs water. In the case of Lure, you will receive an increase in this gag’s accuracy from Low to Medium.

Also, if you decide to dig up your lower level Squirting Flower tree, you’ll lose the Squirt damage boost and the ability to harvest your higher level Glass of Water tree.

Level 7 Gag Trees
Plant the first six trees from the same gag track in your Estate’s garden. Once you have reached 10,000 skill points on that gag track, you will be able to plant the Level 7 gag. Once it’s fully grown, harvest it for use in battle once a day. For example, if you plant the Squirting Flower, Glass of Water, Squirt Gun, Seltzer Bottle, Fire Hose, and Storm Cloud and have maxed out your Squirt gag track, you will then be able to plant a Geyser tree.



Once you’ve attained a sufficient skill level, you’ll be able to purchase statues from Clarabelle’s Cattlelog. The greater your skill, the more statues you’ll be able to buy.

Each statue comes with a specific recipe of jellybeans. You’ll need to plant the statue with that assortment of jellybeans at the same time. Statues may only be placed on designated areas around you Estate.



Located off Acorn Acres is a tunnel leading to Chip ‘n Dale’s MiniGolf where Toons can putter around and get a boost to their Laff limit! Three minigolf courses of varying difficulty levels are located within Acorn Acres for all Toons to enjoy. To play, just choose a course, jump into a corresponding minigolf cart, and away you go! Up to four Toons can play together on a course. There are three types of courses for Toons to play:


How to Golf…


The object of minigolf is to sink your golf ball into the hole with the least number of attempts. Each hole is rated according to the number of attempts one should make to sink their golf ball, which is known as Par. Each Course also has a total Par rating. Contrary to most games in Toontown, with minigolf, the lower your score (under Par), the better!

When your Toon is ready to golf, it’s easy to play. Press the Left or Right Arrow keys to change your Tee spot and press the Control key to set it.


Once you’ve set your shot, press the Left or Right Arrow keys to aim and press and hold the Control key to swing your club. Holding the Control key will increase the power of your swing.


Toon Tip: Press the Up Arrow key to point yourself towards the golf hole.

Toon Tip: Press the Tab key to get a bird’s-eye view of the golf hole you are on.

Toon Tip: The longer you hold down the Control key, the slower the power bar will move.

In the event of a tie, the Toon with the fastest course time (the least amount of total time aiming all of their shots) will be deemed the winner.

Minigolf uses special terms to describe how close a shot is to Par.




Toons can earn up to 30 different minigolf trophies — earn them all and receive a total +3 point boost to your Laff limit — +1 for each set of 10! Keep track of your records and achievements on the minigolf page in your Shticker Book.

-Jvjanke (Blogger)

(Some of the words and photos are from http://toontown.go.com/help/players-guide/toons)


This post will be about the “Shticker Book”. Next we’ll take more about “Fishing”, “Karting”, “Gardening” and “Mini Golf”…


No Toon can go anywhere without their Shticker Book – it’s the guide to Toontown! In the bottom right corner of the screen is your Shticker Book icon – click it and you’ll have access to a whole world of Toontown information.


All of Toontown’s systems settings that you can edit are located on this page, including how to log off Toontown. Other options include Turn music, sound effects, and type chat sounds on and off.

Decide if you want to accept requests for new Toontown friends. Change display settings, such as screen resolution and toggle between full-screen and windowed view. Change the color of your SpeedChat menu and speech text. Use the Exit Toontown button to stop playing and exit the game.


Are you looking for a little more action in your neighborhood? Or … is there too much action, and you’d like a quieter place to go? Just change Districts!

Districts are like other, parallel versions of the same neighborhoods. When you open the Districts page of your Shticker Book, it will tell you what District of Toontown you are in, and show you the status of all the other Districts. Use the arrows at the top and bottom of the list to scroll through Districts. To change District, simply click on a new one.

• Blue Districts are quiet and lightly populated with Toons, so they are good places if you don’t want a lot of distractions.
• Green Districts are ideal and are perfect for meeting lots of new friends.
• Red Districts are full of Toons and cannot be entered.

Toon Tip: Toons always have the ability to teleport to a friend in Toontown.


The Map in your Shticker Book displays Toontown in all its’ glorious splendor! It shows the seven neighborhoods, Goofy Speedway, and the four Cog HQs. If you have earned teleport access to a neighborhood from completing special ToonTasks, then you can click on it here to go directly to it. At the bottom of the map, it tells you exactly where you are, and the “Go Home” button will take you directly to your Estate. The “Back to Playground” button will take you to the last Playground that you were at when you are at your Estate, or if you are on a street it will take you to that neighborhood’s Playground.


This page shows everything you need to know about your Toon’s gags! See all the gags you’ve earned and how many skill points you need to earn your next one. Keep track of how many gags you are carrying and check your on-hand jellybean jar count (this page doesn’t say how many beans you have at home in your bank, though). Since this is all information you’ll frequently need, you can press HOME on your keyboard to quickly view this page without having to open your Shticker Book.

Toon Tasks…

Check this page of your Shticker Book to keep track of your current ToonTasks. Roll over any task to see the reward you’ll earn for completing it. Since this is a page you’ll consult frequently, press END on your keyboard to quickly view your ToonTasks without opening your Shticker Book.

Gag Training…

When you start training for a new Gag Track, this page comes to life! Check it out as you complete your gag training ToonTasks to see how close you are to using your new gags!

Cog Gallery and Radar…

The Cog Gallery page in your Shticker book helps you keep track of how many of each type of Cog you’ve defeated. Once you fill your quota and defeat all the Cogs listed, you get a reward – Cog Radar! Click on the Bossbot, Lawbot, Cashbot, or Sellbot logo, and the number of Cogs on the street you’re on will be revealed. After Cog Radar is earned, a new quota will appear in the Cog Gallery. Once the second quota is filled, the ability to see what kinds of buildings are on each street becomes available – Building Radar!


Check this page to see what varieties of fish you’ve caught, the fish you have in your bucket, and what type of fishing rod you have. Plus, you can also view all your fishing trophies here. You can earn a +7 total Laff limit boost from Fishing!


Turn to this page to admire the sweet kart you got at Goofy Speedway, switch out accessories and paint jobs, revel in the speed records you’ve set, and gush over the trophies and tickets you’ve earned! You can earn a +3 total Laff limit boost from Karting!

Cog Disguise…

You’ll never get in a Cog HQ without looking like a Cog! Use this page to track your progress for each Cog Disguise type – Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot – once you have started collecting your Cog suit parts for each type. Upon completing each Cog Disguise, a new meter will appear on this page to track your merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices, and Stock Options. Every time you defeat the right type of Cog, the meter will increase. When you have defeated enough Cogs to earn a promotion the meter will be full and read “Ready for Promotion.” This means you’re ready to go to that Cog’s HQ and take on their boss to earn your next Cog Disguise level and a powerful reward! You can earn a +20 total Laff limit boost from completing all your Cog Disguises!

Toon Tip: The Cog Disguise and SOS Toons Shticker Book pages aren’t available when you first start a new Toon. Don’t worry — they’ll appear on their own when you need them!

SOS Toons…

The Toons you rescue from battling the Sellbot V.P. located in the Sellbot HQ owe you a favor, and they’re happy to repay you any time. Check out all the SOS Toons you’ve rescued on this page of your Shticker Book, and use the SOS button in your battle menu to call them into action!


Monitor your Toon’s green thumb with this page! Keep track of your gardening skills and what flowers are in your basket, all of the flowers that you have learned, trophies earned, and your specialty items here. You can earn a +4 total Laff limit boost from Gardening!

Mini Golf…

What was the best score you had on Down the Hatch? How far under par did you complete the Hole Kit and Caboodle? Keep track of all of your golf stats here, and admire your ever-expanding trophy collection! You can earn a +3 total Laff limit boost from MiniGolf!

Events Page…

Toons love to party, and this page is where all of your Toon’s party information is located. The Events page has three important Tabs: Calendar, Hosting, and Invitations.

Calendar: This lists all weekly Toontown events, Toon holidays, and any parties you are attending or hosting. When you hold your mouse over a party in the calendar, it shows more details. You can use the filter in the upper right corner to change what the Calendar will display. Toontown Time is displayed at the bottom, which coincidentally is always the same as Pacific Time.

Hosting: This tab shows your next party by date, guests, activities, and decorations. You can also switch your party from private to public here. This is where you go to start your party, or cancel it provided the party hasn’t already started.

Invitations: This tab lists all parties where you have accepted invitations along with each party’s activities.

-Jvjanke (Blogger)

(Some of the words and photos are from http://toontown.go.com/help/players-guide/toons)



This post will be about “Gags”…


Use your arsenal of gags to battle the Cogs and make them fall apart with laughter! There are seven types – or Tracks – of gags: Throw, Squirt, Toon-Up, Sound, Drop, Lure, and Trap, and all can be bought with jellybeans at Goofy’s Gag Shop. When you start the game, you can carry up to 20 gags at a time. Certain Toontasks allow you to carry more, so look for those!

Skill Points and Training…

Want to get better at Cog-busting? Use your gags to earn skill points to unlock all of the gags in each of your Gag Tracks. Unlock new Gag Tracks through gag training.

You start Toontown with the Squirting Flower and Cupcake gags – the first gags in the Squirt and Throw Tracks. By battling Cogs, you’ll earn skill points which are used to train new gags. You can see the amount of skill you’ll earn for using each gag in your battle menu and on the gags page of your Shticker book. When you’ve earned enough skill points to unlock a new, more powerful gag, you can then use that gag to earn more skill points.

But watch out – if the gag you’re using is too powerful for the Cogs you’re battling, you won’t get any skill points for using it. You can see this information on the right side of the battle menu display when you roll over any of your gags. Or simply choose from the gags with the blue background in the battle menu.

To make sure you always get skill points for using your gags, follow these basic rules.

Gag Level 1 (example: Squirting Flower) Use on Level 1 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 2 (example: Glass of Water) Use on Level 2 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 3 (example: Squirt Gun) Use on Level 3 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 4 (example: Seltzer Bottle) Use on Level 4 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 5 (example: Fire Hose) Use on Level 5 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 6 (example: Storm Cloud) Use on Level 6 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 7 (example: Geyser) Use on Level 7 and higher Cogs

You can earn skill points faster by taking over Cog buildings, because the amount is multiplied on higher floors:

Skill Point Multiplier Chart

Skill points in street battles are doubled during Cog invasions. Also, if you are in a building during an invasion you get double skill points for the building. Plus, you can earn even greater multipliers in Cog HQs.

For example: If you use a Whole Cream Pie, normally worth five skill points, on the third floor of a building, you will receive 10 skill points. If there is also an invasion happening, you will get 20 skill points!

When Toon HQ thinks you’re ready to start training for a new gag Track, they’ll offer you a special ToonTask to get things started. Finish this task to prove you’re ready for more!

When you’ve finished this task, you’ll be able to choose the type of gag Track you want to train. Every Toon starts with Squirt and Throw, but from there the choice is yours. Choose wisely, because you can only learn six of the seven Tracks.

Choice 1: Sound or Toon-Up
Choice 2: Drop or Lure
Choice 3: Trap and (Sound or Toon-Up – whichever was not chosen first)
Choice 4: Whatever is left

Training for a new gag Track requires the completion of 15 ToonTasks. Each time you complete a gag training task, one of the film frame slots on the gag Track Training page of your Shticker Book is filled in. These tasks don’t all come one after the other, so be patient! When you’ve completed all 15 tasks, you’ll need to finish just one last ToonTask to earn your new type of gag!


Every Toon starts with access to Throw gags. These deliver a good solid splat, and form the core of your gag arsenal.

1. Cupcake

Damage 6, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 0

2. Fruit Pie Slice

Damage: 10, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 10

3. Cream Pie Slice

Damage: 17, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 50

4. Fruit Pie

Damage: 27, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 400

5. Cream Pie

Damage: 40, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 2000

6. Birthday Cake

Damage: 100, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 6000

7. Wedding Cake

Damage: 120, Affect: All cogs

Throw gags have Medium Accuracy

  • It has a medium accuracy but as you level it up you will find that it misses less often
  • Since all toons have throw, you will find that it is used quite often
  • With a maxed birthday cake, you do 100 damage and can kill an unlured level 8 cog on your own. Using throw on a lured cog can also give you a lure bonus making it 50% more powerful. That means you can sometimes kill a lured level 10 by yourself


Every Toon also starts with access to Squirt gags. They are not quite as powerful as Throw gags but are much more accurate.

1. Squirting Flower

Damage: 4, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 0

2. Glass of Water

Damage: 8, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 10

3. Squirt Gun

Damage: 12, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 50

4. Seltzer Bottle

Damage: 21, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 400

5. Fire Hose

Damage: 30, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 2000

6. Storm Cloud

Damage: 80, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 6000

7. Geyser

Damage: 105, Affect: All cogs

Squirt gags have High Accuracy

  • It has a higher accuracy than throw but also does less damage
  • The max level rain cloud gives 80 damage and will kill an unlured level 7 cog. Like with throw you can get 50% lure bonus making it possible to kill a level 9 cog by yourself
  • One much used strategy is to squirt in an attemp to stun a cog so that a drop gag has a higher chance of hitting


Sound gags hit every Cog at once, but are not very powerful. Sound gags are just as accurate as Squirt gags – they rarely miss. Think twice before using a Sound gag on lured Cogs – it will wake them from their lured state!

1. Bike Horn

Damage: 4, Affect: All cogs, XP req: 0

2. Whistle

Damage: 7, Affect: All cogs, XP req: 40

3. Bugle

Damage: 11, Affect: All cogs, XP req: 200

4. Aoogah

Damage: 16, Affect: All cogs, XP req: 1000

5. Elephant

Damage: 21, Affect: All cogs, XP req: 2500

6. Foghorn

Damage: 50, Affect: All cogs, XP req: 7500

7. Opera Voice

Damage: 90, Affect: All cogs

Sound gags have High Accuracy

  • Sound is a group attack and will therefore damage all the cogs at once.
  • It has a high accuracy and as you gain experience it will miss very rarely.
  • The damage of sound is not very high when sounding alone and is best used with a team.
  • But if you have a team of players where 1 uses a foghorn and the other 3 elephant trunk you can kill of 4 level 10 cogs with one soundblast.
  • It’s faster than having to kill them one by one and it takes a lot less gags to get through buildings.
  • One thing you should be careful with is that you don’t use sound when someone is luring. This will wake all the cogs up at once, possibly causing your team a lot of damage.


Lure gags bring the Cogs closer to you. Why the heck would you want to do that?

You have to Lure a Cog to get it to fall for a Trap gag.
Squirt and Throw gags pack a bigger punch against lured Cogs – 20% more power!
Lured Cogs won’t attack, unless they are woken up by a squirt, throw or sound gag.
Like the Toon-Up gags, some Lure gags only affect one Cog, while others affect all Cogs.

1. $1 Bill

Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 0

2. Small Magnet

Affect: All cogs, XP req: 20

3. $5 Bill

Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 100

4. Big Magnet

Affect: All cogs, XP req: 800

5. $10 Bill

Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 2000

6. Hypno-Goggles

Affect: All cogs, XP req: 6000

7. Presentation

Affect: All cogs

Lure gags have Low Accuracy

  • Luring a cog means you freeze a cog for 2-4 turns in battle, depending on the level of the gag.
  • During this frozen state the cog won’t be able to attack.
  • Attacking a lured cog will wake it up again
  • The lower level lures have a very low accuracy making it harder to level up.
  • Using a trap will help your lure hit better
  • You can’t use drop on a lured cog unless someone wakes that cog up first by attacking.
  • Luring is a good strategy to use when you can’t kill all cogs at once
  • If it hits you are making sure that you won’t be attacked by the cogs.
  • Another advantage to luring a cog is that you can get a lure bonus on attacks


Drop gags are some of the most powerful gags in Toontown. Unfortunately, they are also the least accurate. You can make your chances of hitting a Cog with a Drop gag greater by stunning them first with another type of gag in the same attack. Naturally, you’ll need another Toon to do this for you, so coordinate accordingly! Drop gags will always miss lured Cogs.

1. Flower Pot

Damage: 10, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 0

2. Sandbag

Damage: 18, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 20

3. Anvil

Damage: 30, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 100

4. Big Weight

Damage: 45, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 500

5. Safe

Damage: 60, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 2000

6. Grand Piano

Damage: 170, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 6000

7. Ocean Liner

Damage: 180, Affect: All cogs

Drop gags have Low Accuracy (Drop will always miss a lured cog)

  • You can only attack one cog at a time with drop and since it is the last gag to be used in a battle it can sometimes be harder to level it up since you depend on the cog you’re aiming for not having been killed first by players using other gags.
  • At its early stages it tends to miss more often than it hits, making it frustrating to work up. However, once you have made it past the first few levels it starts getting more accurate and a maxed piano does 170 damage, making it possible to kill a level 11 cog on your own.
  • Your drop has a higher chance of hitting if someone stuns your cog first by attacking it with some other gag.
  • As I explained above, you can’t hit a lured cog with drop unless someone wakes the cog for you first.


These are the only gags guaranteed to hit — as long as you can lure a Cog into them. First, you must place the Trap gag, and then a Lure gag must be used by you or another Toon on the Cog successfully for the Trap to be sprung. You can’t set a trap on a Cog that has already been lured, so make sure the trap has been set first! Because they are so powerful, you can’t carry as many Trap gags as you can other types of gags.

Advanced Toons: Only use the Train Track gag if no other trap has been set otherwise both will be cancelled out.

1. Banana Peel

Damage: 12, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 0

2. Rake

Damage: 20, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 20

3. Marbles

Damage: 35, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 100

4. Quicksand

Damage: 50, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 800

5. Trapdoor

Damage: 70, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 2000

6. TNT

Damage: 180, Affect: 1 cog, XP req: 6000

7. Train Track

Damage: 195, Affect: All cogs

Trap gags have Perfect Accuracy (if lure hits)

  • The gag is dependent on someone luring the cogs
  • To use trap, you have to lay down a trap in front of a selected cog and then lure it
  • If lure doesn’t miss, you are guaranteed that trap will work
  • It has perfect accuracy and it also seems to help lure miss less often
  • A maxed trap gives you TNT which is the strongest gag in the game and will do 180 damage, effectively killing a level 11 cog in one shot
  • Leveling up Trap is hard on your own, but since lure is a common strategy used in battle you can level it up pretty fast


Toon-Up gags let you fill other Toon’s Laff meters in battle. These gags are especially important when you are working with other Toons and the Cogs are coming in waves! Some Toon-Up gags only affect one Toon (the battle menu will let you choose which Toon you want to help) — other gags affect all Toons. Laff points for Toon-Up gags that affect all Toons are divided up among the Toons in the battle that need Laff points the most.

Toon Tip: Any Toons who only get a chuckle out of your Toon-up – expressed with a “tee-hee” – will not result in a successful Toon-up and will not yield any experience.

1. Feather

Toon-up: 10, Affect: 1 toon, XP req: 0

2. Megaphone

Toon-up: 18, Affect: Group, XP req: 20

3. Lipstick

Toon-up: 30, Affect: 1 toon, XP req: 200

4. Bamboo Cane

Toon-up: 45, Affect: Group, XP req: 800

5. Pixie Dust

Toon-up: 70, Affect: 1 toon, XP req: 2000

6. Juggling Balls

Toon-up: 120, Affect: Group, XP req: 6000

7. High Dive

Toon-up: 210, Affect: Group

Toon-up gags have Medium Accuracy

  • You can’t heal yourself with toon-up
  • It takes a long time to level up Toon-up since you can only use it when others are hurt
  • Not having toon-up does make the game harder, since some players will be hesitant to go with you
  • You can compensate for your lack of toon-up by owning and training a doodle to heal for you.


Level 7 gags are the showstoppers, the heavy artillery, the big gag guns!

To unlock a Level 7 gag, you must max out your skill points on that particular gag track, currently set at 10,000. Unlike other gags, you can only carry one Level 7 gag per track at any given time. Level 7 gags cannot be purchased and may only be earned in one of two ways:

1. All additional gag track skill points accumulated past 10,000 will go towards earning a Level 7 gag. To earn one individual use of a Level 7 gag, you will need to accumulate an additional 500 skill points on that particular gag track. This is tracked by a backwards counter on your skill level meter, starting at 500. If you reach “0 to Go” while carrying that Level 7 gag, you will receive another once you use it in battle.

2. Planting a Level 7 gag tree.

-Jvjanke (Blogger)

(Some of the words and photos are from http://toontown.go.com/help/players-guide/toons)



My next couple posts will tell you more about “Bossbots”, “Lawbots”, “Cashbots”, and “Sellbots”…


The art of the deal is the only thing the oily Sellbots care about, and if you’re not a hot commodity, they won’t give you the time of day. Sellbots are often on Oak Street and Elm Street in Daisy Gardens and Alto Avenue in Minnie’s Melodyland, with occasional trips to Sleet Street in the Brrrgh.

Different Cogs…

Cold Caller

Lowest Level – 1 Highest Level – 5

Common Attacks (Level cog – Damage done by cog)…

Freeze Assets, 1 – 1, 2 – 1, 3 – 1, 4 – 1, 5 – 1

Pound Key, 1 – 2, 2 – 2, 3 – 3, 4 – 4, 5 – 5

Hot Air, 1 – 3, 2 – 4, 3 – 6, 4 – 8, 5 – 10


Lowest Level – 2 Highest Level – 6

Common Attacks (Level cog – Damage done by cog)…

Double Talk, 2 – 4, 3 – 6, 4 – 7, 5 – 9, 6 – 12

Pickpocket, 2 – 1, 3 – 1, 4 – 1, 5 – 1, 6 – 1

Clip-on Tie, 2 – 2, 3 – 2, 4 – 3, 5 – 3, 6 – 4

Rolodex, 2 – 4, 3 – 6, 4 – 7, 5 – 9, 6 – 12

Name Dropper

Lowest Level – 3 Highest Level – 7

Common Attacks (Level Cog – Damage done by cog)…

Razzle Dazzle, 3 – 4, 4 – 5, 5 – 6, 6 – 9, 7 – 12

Rolodex, 3 – 5, 4 – 6, 5 – 7, 6 – 10, 7 – 14

Synergy, 3 – 3, 4 – 4, 5 – 6, 6 – 8, 7 – 12 (Attacks all toons)

Glad Hander

Lowest Level – 4 Highest Level – 8

Common Attacks (Level Cog – Damage done by cog)…

Rubber Stamp, 4 – 4, 5 – 3, 6 – 3, 7 – 2, 8 – 1

Fountain Pen, 4 – 4, 5 – 3, 6 – 3, 7 – 2, 8 – 1

Filibuster, 445669712815

Schmooze, 4557611, 714820

Mover & Shaker

Lowest Level – 5 Highest Level – 9

Common Attacks (Level Cog – Damage done by cog)…

Brain Storm, 5 – 5, 6 – 6, 7 – 8, 8 – 10, 9 – 12

Half Windsor, 5 – 6, 6 – 9, 7 – 11, 8 – 13, 9 – 16

Quake, 5 – 9, 6 – 12, 7 – 15, 818921 (Attacks all toons)

Shake5668710, 812914 (Attacks all  toons)

Tremor556677, 8899 (Attacks all toons)

Two Face

Lowest Level – 6 Highest Level – 10

Common Attacks (Level Cog – Damage done by cog)…

Evil Eye, 6 – 10, 7 – 12, 8 – 14, 9 – 16, 10 – 18

Hang Up, 6 – 7, 7 – 8, 8 – 10, 9 – 12, 10 – 13

Razzle Dazzle, 6 – 8, 7 – 10, 8 – 12, 9 – 14, 10 – 16

The Mingler (Only Found In Cog Buildings)

Lowest Level – 7 Highest Level – 11

Common Attacks (Level Cog – Damage done by cog)…

Buzz Word, 7 – 10, 8 – 11, 9 – 13, 10 – 15, 11 – 16

Paradigm Shift, 71281591810211124 (Attacks all toons)

Power Trap, 7 – 10, 8 – 13, 9 – 14, 10 – 15, 11 – 18 (Attacks all toons)

Schmooze, 7 – 7, 8 – 8, 9 – 12, 10 – 15, 11 – 16

Tee Off, 78, 8 – 9, 9 – 10, 10 – 11, 11 – 12

Mr. Hollywood (Only Found In Cog Buildings)

Lowest Level – 8 Highest Level – 12

Common Attacks (Level Cog – Damage done by cog)…

Power Trip, 8 – 10, 9 – 12, 10 – 15, 11 – 18, 12 – 20 (Attacks all toons)

Tee Off, 8 – 8, 9 – 11, 10 – 14, 11 – 17, 12 – 20


Just off Daisy’s Gardens, shopkeeper Toons have been taken prisoner and are being held under lock and key by the Sellbots! Only the bravest of Toons will be able to come to their rescue — Cogs, Skelecogs, and Goons are around every corner, and the Sellbot Vice President himself lies in wait in his office at the top of Sellbot Towers. To enter Sellbot Towers, you’ll need two things: Cog Disguise and enough Sellbot merit points to earn a promotion.

The Toon Council has decreed that Toons should proceed with the utmost caution while invading Sellbot HQ. Therefore, the following elevator minimum Laff point requirements have been instituted to ensure the general safety of the Toon population:

Your Sellbot disguise…

To assemble your Sellbot Cog Disguise, you’ll need to enter the Sellbot Factory. Each time you defeat the Factory Foreman at the top of the central silo, you’ll earn one piece of your Toon’s Sellbot disguise. The disguise has 10 parts — that means you’ll need to defeat the Factory Foreman ten times to complete the disguise.

Once you’ve completed your Sellbot Disguise, a new meter for Sellbot Merits will appear on your Gag training panel at the end of each Cog battle. Every time you defeat a Sellbot, the Merit meter will be added to. When you have defeated enough Sellbots to earn a promotion, the meter will be full and will read “Ready for Promotion”. This means you’re ready to enter Sellbot Towers and face the V.P.! Up to five Laff Points can be earned with Sellbot promotions.

Sellbot Mr Hollywood Promotion Chart

Cogs at the Sellbot Factory

Sellbot Factory…

You’ll need to team up with three other Toons before entering the Sellbot Factory. Just like entering a Cog building, assemble with your fellow Toons outside the Factory and get on the elevator. It will take you to the main entrance. Stand on the switch to open the doors to the lobby. In the lobby you will find a Goon and three Cogs – defeat them to get access to the switch that opens the door to the hallway.

For advanced Toons only: There is a secret side elevator on the side of the Factory. This elevator takes you to the Duct Room instead of the Lobby.

Toon Tip: Goons can cause a Toon a lot of problems — one hit from their eye beam will take 5 to 20 Laff points! To disable a Goon temporarily, jump on his head.

From the hallway you have three choices: straight ahead is the warehouse lookout, to the left is the boiler room, and to the right is the gear room. Take either the right or left path to get to the warehouse – there are three Cogs waiting in each location.

Toon Tip: Check the barrels scattered through the factory for gags. Touch them to replenish your supply!

For advanced Toons only: Try moving around crates and jumping on them to get at hard to reach places.

When you arrive at the warehouse, you’ll need to sneak past the Goons and make your way up to the roof of the storeroom. Defeat the four Cogs here to get access to the switch that opens the door on the far side of the warehouse and use the other switches to activate the stompers. The stompers will get rid of the Goons on the main warehouse floor and clear the way for you.

Head through the door on the far side of the warehouse and use either elevator to go to the top of the silos. You’ll need to defeat the Cogs on the east and west silos to open the doors. The switches inside these silos open the doors to the center silo, where you’ll face four Cogs in a final battle – including the Factory Foreman. Defeating the Factory Foreman earns your Toon one piece of the Cog Disguise and gets you one step closer to entering Sellbot Towers!

Sellbot Towers…

Once you’ve completed your Cog disguise and have earned enough Sellbot merits to be ready for a promotion, the doors to Sellbot Towers will open for you. Your Toon will automatically put on his or her Cog disguise as you walk through the door.

Assemble a group of eight Toons and get on the elevator — it’s time to face the Sellbot V.P. and rescue a shopkeeper!

The group of eight Toons will divide into two teams of four to face off against the V.P.’s Sellbot forces. Together the two teams will engage wave after wave of Cogs stored within the V.P.’s underbelly. Keep your wits about you and use all of the strategy you’ve developed battling Cogs on the streets of Toontown! You’ll need to depend on teamwork — this is the ultimate Toon-versus-Cog battle!

Battling the Vice President…

When the V.P.’s forces have been defeated, the remaining Toons will team up to fight the V.P. himself. Jump up to touch the bottom of the cage where the shopkeeper is being held — this will stock you with a supply of cream pies you can throw at the V.P. To throw a pie, click on the pie icon at the top of your screen. If you are a PC user, you can also throw a pie by pressing INSERT on your keyboard. If you are a Mac user, you can also throw a pie by pressing FORWARD DELETE on your keyboard. While you hold the button down, you will see a power meter move left and right.

Toon Tip: If you release the button when the power meter is all the way to the right, your pie will travel in a very high arc and land near you. If you release when the meter is all the way to the left, your pie will travel in nearly a straight line and land far away. Practice holding and releasing the button at the right time to make the pie land just where you want it!

The V.P. will be doing his best to fight off the Toons around him. Keep moving around to avoid his attacks! Be sure that you jump as soon as you see or hear the V.P. jump, because any Toons standing on the ground when the V.P. lands will fall down and lose 10 Laff points.

Your goal is to drive the V.P all the way down the ramp and off the edge of the Cogs’ launch pad. To do this, pelt him with pies in the face or on the chest. The V.P. is one super-tough Cog and most of the time pies don’t affect him at all! In order to knock him back successfully, you’ll have to wait until a Toon successfully tosses a pie into his undercarriage while the door is open. This will clog up his works and make the V.P. dizzy for a few seconds. While he’s dizzy, pelt him with as many pies in the face and chest as you possibly can before he recovers himself and starts attacking Toons again!

If you’re one of the Toons trying to gum up his undercarriage, watch carefully for the door in either the front or the back to swing open and try to throw a pie directly in. You can do this either from in front of the V.P. or behind him.

For Advanced Toons Only: A well-organized team of Toons should have at least one Toon on each side. Be careful and don’t stand too close when the door opens — streams of gears will fly out!

Toon Tip: If you see a fellow Toon whose Laff points are dangerously low, you can throw pies at that Toon to fill his or her Laff points back up. Keep watching out for the V.P.’s jump attack while you do this and be sure someone else is still keeping the V.P. on the defensive … otherwise, he’ll start to roll right back up the ramp!


SOS Toons – The Toons you rescue from the V.P. owe you a favor and are happy to repay you any time. Use the SOS button in your battle menu to call them into action.

-Jvjanke (Blogger)

(Some of the words and photos are from http://toontown.go.com/help/players-guide/cogs)